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While the best golfers in the world have made fitness an integral part of their game, most amateurs have not yet taken advantage of getting their bodies in the best physical condition, to play the game they love better. It may be the shortage of proper fitness programs dedicated to golf, fear of injury or simply a lack of experience with exercise. One thing is for sure though, improving your fitness level is good for your golf game and will help prevent injuries.

Seeing the need to develop and promote golf fitness, Titleist began a program in 2003 that documented the common physical features of professional golfers as they translated to success on the course. What are the distinguishing physical characteristics that professional golfers share? How do players achieve success with their – often obvious – physical differences?

The result of this research has been the formation of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and the development of an evaluation method that measures all facets affecting a golfer’s performance – such as strength, flexibility, neuromuscular control, joint mobility and balance and power. Armed with that knowledge, individualized fitness regimens can now be developed that target and correct the golfer’s specific weaknesses.

iGOLFfit has physical therapy and fitness professionals that are TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructors who can develop a golf fitness program designed specifically for you to become the golfer you want to be.




Evolution in any sport is constant and the game of golf is no exception. Fitness has changed today’s top players into high performing athletesfreewho drive the ball farther, shoot lower scores and play the game they love longer.

With a vast number of athletic players dominating the PGA tour, what used to be remarkable distance is now the norm with professional players. Par five holes have become likely birdies and many tour courses have been lengthened to accommodate the changing nature of the game.

iGOLFfit therapists and trainers use their knowledge of the body, and their understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, to determine just how each person can improve his or her fitness to achieve maximum benefits on the golf course. Their training and experience, combined with the Titleist Performance Institute, has given them the tools needed to help golfers of all levels and abilities.

Your personal golf fitness program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your body — its strengths and its weaknesses. Research done at TPI has produced a sequence of measurements to evaluate:

• flexibility

• rotational mobility

• core stability

• strength

• posture

• spinal range of motion,

• power

• balance and more

Your physical parameters are then checked against those of tour professionals to identify areas of your body that need particular attention. With this information, you don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach to golf fitness.

For example, the average touring pro has thoracic spine rotation of 60 degrees to the right and to the left. Rotational Flexibility in the thoracic spine helps to create the coil between the upper and lower body that allows for optimum rotation on the backswing, downswing and finish. Less than 60 degrees of thoracic rotation will prevent a golfer from coiling effectively and signals an area for improvement.

During your iGOLFfit evaluation, over 25 physical characteristics are evaluated to identify your specific needs. This unique approach allows your golf fitness professional to work only on those areas where you need the most improvement. These measurements will tell us a lot about your body,for example, how you may have compensated over time to make your swing work for you. Furthermore, the muscles and tendons that move all of your joints have an amazing capacity to adapt to faulty mechanics, often resulting in pain or injury. Your evaluation gives you amazing
insight into how you may have adapted, how it may be hurting you and, most importantly, how you can take steps to reverse any problems.

As part of your iGOLFfit evaluation you will receive a Golf Fitness Handicap® (GFH). This will tell you what your fitness level is in relationship to your game. For example, say that your golf handicap is a 6 and your fitness evaluation results in a GFH of 20. This would mean that you are an overachiever in terms of your skill and that improving your fitness would augment an already first-rate golf game. The reverse is true as well. If your GFH is lower than your golf handicap, you will be prescribed the correct program that will target only your limitations. This way you will have an efficient program that allows you to maximize your practice and playing time.


Program Development
Your personal golf fitness evaluation lets you know where your body needs work. The next step is to work with your iGOLFfit professional to develop a program to balance your body’s flexibility, strength, core stability, etc. We’re not all cut out to be touring pros and setting aside several hours a day for golf fitness isn’t likely. But we can definitely take steps in the right direction with whatever amount of time you have available.
Your iGOLFfit professional will take your medical history, workout experience and goals into careful consideration and come up with a realistic fitness program designed to suit your body, your schedule and your personality – all with the goal of improving your golf game.


Program Instruction and Follow-up
Following the evaluation, you will be guided through each of your exercises to ensure that your technique is correct and that you understand how the program relates to your golf game.
To improve your understanding and exercise technique, your personal regimen will be available online at the Titleist Performance Institute’s website (MyTPI.com), where you can read descriptions and view video clips of each exercise you have been prescribed. MyTPI.com also provides an extensive collection of nutrition, golf and fitness tips that would be helpful to any golfer regardless of exercise experience or skill level. iGOLFfit professionals and the Titleist Performance Institute give you all of the tools and information you need to succeed!


How Often Do I Need to Exercise?
While the recommended frequency and duration of exercise sessions will depend on findings from your evaluation, a typical program will start with one to two sessions per week. Everyone is different and some will prefer scheduled sessions to keep to the program, whereas others may find they are comfortable working independently after a time. As you become stronger and more agile, we can guide you in safely adding more dimensions and increased variety to your workouts. At iGOLFfit, our TPI Certified Professionals are dedicated to helping you reach your maximum potential.

If you love the game of golf, what better incentives to get fit than to have your workouts contribute to both your health and your passion?



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